SB 1343

SB 1343 - Sexual Harassment Training

SB 1343

SB 1343 requires companies with 5 or more employees will now have to provide sexual harassment training to all employees in the company.

The senate bill amends Gov. Code 12950, and requires 2 hours of sexual harassment to managers and supervisors and 1 hours for all the rest of the workers.  According to the text, the workshop can be completed during other work related training, in a group, individually, and in separate parts.  Various examples of the businesses that have to provide the training: real estate brokers, lawyers, hard money lenders, and accountants.

The DFEH have valuable resources for businesses on its website, or you can develop your own training.

This requirement applies also to traditional employment status:

  • Temporary employees ('temp-status')
  • Seasonal workers
  • Employees on a short-term basis

Employers who fulfill the requirement during 2019 are not required to provide the training in 2020.  You can read a full text of SB 1343 here.

SB 1343 was signed into law by the California Governor on 9.30.2018.

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